Yesterday (Sunday) we stopped in briefly at the Seminole Casino I-40 location to spend a little more time in their new expansion. A day after our Saturday visit, there was one change and a few more things to notice.

First, they finally put up a sign alerting people to the need for a new player card. But where do you suppose they put it up? Was it at the door where people could see it upon entering? No it was not! Instead, they put it on a tiny placard stand facing away from the door, to the left of the players club desk, where it was entirely concealed from people coming in by the press of people still in line. Player communications: you’re doing it wrong.

Second, the lines at the players club desk were still very long and still very slow. This casino is substantially bigger than prior to the expansion … so why only the same two work stations at the player club counter? Why not lay on a little extra help to make the conversion go more smoothly?

Third, the refreshments station did not get upgraded with the rest of the facility; they just moved the old coffee and pop machines over. Somebody didn’t get the coffee maker set up properly; the coffee was musty and weak and undrinkable, tasting like old filters and dishwater. And the popcorn machine? It didn’t make the cut for the move. No more free popcorn available (at least so far).

Fourth, they are putting some machines out on the new floor that apparently can’t work with the new players cards; they have placards saying the machines don’t take the cards or award any points. These include both of their banks of Fort Knox progressive machines, and a few others. One hopes this is temporary, but the placards don’t say so.

Fifth, we had a difficult time finding a parking place. They’ve put spiffy new paving on the gravel parking lot, but it’s still not much larger than the old parking lot (where they built the expansion) was. The casino is a LOT bigger … so why not put in ample parking in the huge field adjacent to the parking lot?

Although our visit was brief, we did enjoy ourselves. I’m listing problems that people may be interested in, but the space itself continues to impress. It’s a large bright cheerful gambling floor with a great many attractive games.

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